Year 2 Spelling Test 04.11.21

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all well.

Below are the spellings which will be tested on Thursday 4th November 2021:











Good luck everyone learning your spellings over half term! Have fun! 🤩 Year 2 Team

Zircon’s Week So Far

Good Morning All,

It has been a busy week in Zircon and it’s not even Friday yet!

In PE the children continued to improve their gymnastic skills. They were asked to do a frog jump onto the vault using the springboard before doing a straight jump off of the vault and onto the mat. The children practised balancing on the bench before doing a straight jump off of it. They really focused on keeping their arms stretched out. The children also had the opportunity to do bunny hops on each side of the bench. Their gymnastic skills have really improved and they are now very knowledgeable about a variety of different jumps. Ask your child what jumps they can do and about their learning.

This week in Zircon class we have been looking at the meaning of the words ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’. The children were each given a piece of paper with the words on. The children sat in a circle, when the music stopped, whoever held the puppet had to read a statement. All the children then had to vote whether the statement was fair or unfair. There were some very interesting responses!

In Computing this week we have been continuing to explore internet safety. The children have learnt that it is important to keep their information private. We looked at usernames and passwords, in particular, what makes a good username and password. The children had fun sorting a variety of different usernames and passwords and were able to explain why they thought that they were strong or weak. We had lots of discussion during our lesson before the children created their own usernames and passwords.

Week 6 in Amber Class

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. I can,t believe this is the last week before the half term, time has flown by!

The children have settled into to their learning routines well and are eager to carry on their learning journey.

Well done to everyone who has been reading daily and practising spellings, remember all these small wins are really helpful when it comes to learn how to read and write as well as preparing your child for future learning.

We are very excited to create our own stories based on ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, hopefully you will be able to read them on Friday!

This week, in Design and Technology, we have been investigating wheels and axles using card and straws.

Keep up the good work! Don’t forget to learn your spellings!

Miss Fonseca

Zircon’s Axles & Wheels

Good Afternoon Everybody,

This afternoon in Zircon class the children had lots of fun assembling their own vehicle. They worked in pairs to create their own axles and wheels using cardboard and paper straws. They even thought about what type of vehicle they would like to create in the future and why.

Have a lovely weekend!