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Maths Work for Home Learning 28/9/20

Hello Year 2!

In light of the current situation, the Year 2 teachers will be posting activities that are completed in school on the blog. This is for the benefit of the children and adults who are shielding/self-isolating/learning from home.

Please email all completed work to year2@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk.

Session 1

Our first session focused on addition using Dienes. Dienes are objects we use in school to make numbers (see picture below). The small cubes represent ones and the long sticks represent tens.

We asked the children to create a variety of one digit and two digit numbers using Dienes. At home, you could use any objects you have available such as pegs, jigsaw pieces, Lego, beads or anything else you can find! Equally, you could draw the Dienes as shown in the example above.

Once the children had created a one digit and two digit number, we asked them to add the numbers together (see below).

Session 2

Next, we looked at subtraction. We were given number sentences using one digit numbers with two digit numbers (for example, 45 – 6 = or 56 – 3 =). As a class, we tried to work out the answers mentally.

If you’re finding that tricky, try subtracting 1 from any given number! You could also try counting backwards from a number between 10 and 99.

Session 3

Finally, we looked at multiplication and answered some word problems. Look at my example below and see if you can work out the rest.

  1. 1 chocolate bar costs 12p. Jodie wanted to buy 2 chocolate bars. How much money would she need?
  2. A second hand Xbox game costs £2. Malik wants to buy 4 games. How much money will he need?
  3. Karla gets £5 every time she washes her dad’s car. How much money will she have if she washes her dad’s car 6 times?

Let us know how you get on with the work you complete 🙂

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Amber mathematicians!

Hello there, Amber mathematicians!

Today we have have explored LOTS of different mathematical operations, including subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. We have crammed in a lot of mathematical terms so well done for all of your hard work today!

Check out some of our photos from today – we have used diennes, taken part in quizzes, pretended we are shopkeepers and are starting to perfect our “1/2/3 SHOW ME” on the whiteboards.

Tomorrow is….DT day! If you haven’t already brought in your shoebox, please remember to bring it in for tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening.

Miss Mckee

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Belated Zircon Announcement!

Apologies for  the delay in posting, on behalf of the Zircon adults. We had some technical issues that we have now addressed and we are BACK!

Please take some time to browse our gallery of work, enjoyed over the past few weeks😀

If you have any enquires, please email year2@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk.        We are unable to discuss matters at the classroom exit door. Thank you.

Ms Jacquart, Ms Wyllie and Mr Charles 

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Story writing in Amber class

Happy Friday, wonderful Amber class!

Well done for another week of excellent work! Today was story telling day and what a wonderful day it was! I am so pleased with all of the beautiful and inventive stories that were written today.

To begin, we started our day making a WIN (what I need) for writing a story. We shared our ideas as a class and presented them on flipchart paper. Next, we looked at a snowy, winter setting and thought of descriptive words with our talk partners. We created a ‘word bank’ of all the amazing describing words you thought of!

We shared ideas and began to plan our own story that included the snowy, wintery setting. First we used bullet points to note down our ideas and we then made a story map. The story maps were presented beautifully and really showed a clear sequence of what was happening in your story. Some of you even used sentences to describe what was happening in each part of your story map. Impressive!

After a well deserved (but very windy) lunch break, we got down to business! We wrote our stories! This is the first bit of beautiful work in our English books and I can’t wait to watch your progression over the year. After we wrote our stories, a few volunteers read their stories to the class.

We ended the day with an intense game of Hang Man with the lovely Ms Sneddon and read another chapter of How to Train Your Dragon.

Well done for all of your hard work this week, Amber class, I have really enjoyed getting to know you all so far. What has been your favourite day this week? I would love to know!

Have a brilliant weekend and get some rest, Monday is…. Maths day!