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Home learning

Hello Year 2,

Just a quick note to say that remote learning is new to children, parents/carers and teachers alike. We understand that these are challenging and unstable times and you might struggle to navigate homeschooling alongside all your other responsibilities.

The Year 2 team across the federation are working closely together to ensure that there are lessons posted daily that are both educational and accessible to children learning from home.

If at any point you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of lessons posted to the blog each day, please only focus on the lessons that are achievable for you. We want you to find a routine that works for you at home.

If you have any questions for the Year 2 team, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. We are monitoring the blog Monday-Friday during normal school hours and will be happy to help.

Thank you and keep safe,

Miss Smiley, Mrs Salim, Miss McNeill and Miss Ho

Link to home learning resources: https://hfpsy2.wordpress.com/remote-learning-resources/.

Make sure you follow the blog to get regular updates!

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Friday 3rd July- English

I hope you all enjoyed writing your letters yesterday. Today I would like you to re-read and edit your letters before we post them to the residents home.

Using the steps below check your letters and make the necessary corrections.

  1. Read your work from last week – is it written in first person? Have you written in past tense?
  2. Identify sentences that need changing to first person and change them.
  3. Identify sentences that need changing to past tense and change them.
  4. Read the new sentence – does it make sense?
  5. Check your work for capital letters and full stops.
  6. Is your handwriting legible for someone else to read?
  7. Check your work for meaning.
  8. Could you up level any of your sentences?

Once you have completed this put your letter in an envelope with a stamp. Do not forget to write the address on the envelope:

Community Senior Letters
FAO: Carol Roberts
James Terry Court
90 Haling Park Road
South Croydon

Then take it to a post box with an adult.

Well done for completing another great week!


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Ahoj Year 2!

Cute And Colorful Friday Quote Watercolor Style - Download Free ...

Happy Friday Year 2!

Ahoj (pronounced AHOY!) is Slovakian for hello!

Hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far! Here comes another JOYOUS weekend.

Have you got any plans this weekend?

I challenge you to learn or try something new this weekend.
Here are a few ideas:
Learn the lyrics to a song
Bake a cake
Learn a magic trick
Try to say hello in different languages
Dance your socks off!

Here’s a dance you could have a go at:

Have fun and enjoy – just like Shaun the Sheep!

Shaun The Sheep Dancing GIF by Aardman Animations - Find & Share ...

Have a FAB Friday!

Miss Brazier

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Story Time – Friday 3rd July


Happy Friday!

I haven’t got my sunglasses on today as the rain came in, so instead I put on my fun Friday hat for you all!

This is the last chapter for this week. The adventure will continue next though – don’t worry!

This chapter is called: A Crane for Grandma

Here’s today’s questions:
1. What time of the day did the crane arrive?
2. What does George’s mum think of Grandma?
3. With everything going on why is it surprising Mrs. Kranky did the washing up? 
4. Find examples of alliteration in this chapter.
5. Is this a serious story? Explain your answer.

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Art – 3/07/20

Good morning Year 2 and Happy Friday!

This week we are going to continue to focus on our drawing skills.
So far, we have practised: pattern, shapes and shading.

This week we are focusing on extending our skill of drawing shapes to begin drawing people!

We are just going to focus on heads and shoulders today. We will be working towards creating a self-portrait. 

We’re going to break head and shoulders down into simple shapes and then add detail back in.

What shape does a head look like?

What about a neck?

What about shoulders?

Let’s practise drawing each of those shapes now.

Watch Miss Brazier’s video to show you how to put those shapes together and then make them look more like a person.

The next step in the video shows you where eyes, nose and mouth should be!

This is just a practise lesson. We are trying to build our skill of drawing people. This is not a self-portrait yet or an image of anyone in particular. Practise as many times as you like!

Have a go a drawing the shapes linked to a head, a neck and shoulders.

Follow along with Miss Brazier’s video and try to put them all together and add some details of a face to create the head and shoulders of a person!

If you can, add colour to your person and give them hair and some patterned clothing! 

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Let’s multiply!

Good morning Year Two 🙂 You’ve done an absolutely fantastic job this week practising our strategies for the 3 operations. Today we’re going to be practising our strategy for the last operation: multiplication! Psssst…the easiest way to work out multiplication number sentences is to use your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times table knowledge!

Let’s watch these videos to practise these times tables:

Now it’s time to look at the other strategies we could use to work out a multiplication number sentence! Let’s look at this multiplication word problem and think about what strategies we could use to work it out: 

I have 3 bags. There are 5 pennies in each bag. How many pennies do I have altogether? ( 3 x 5 = )

Strategy one: Using our times table knowledge! We can count up in our 5’s on our fingers (because we there are 5 pennies in each bag) until we get to our third finger (because there are 3 bags).

Strategy two: Drawing our groups! Remember multiplication means GROUPS OF. That means we can work the problem out by drawing 3 groups (big circles or bags) with 5 dots (pennies) in each one. We can then count up in our 5’s to get our total!

Strategy 3: Arrays!

The first bag has 5 pennies so draw the 5 pennies in a line. The second bag also has 5 pennies so draw a second line of 5 pennies. The third bag also has 5 pennies so draw a third line of 5 pennies. Now instead of counting all the pennies individually, you could work out the answer by counting each line in 5s to find our answer!

Your activity: Now it’s your turn! Work out these multiplication number sentences using any strategy you like, you can challenge yourself by using a different strategy to check your work!

  1. 5 x 4 =
  2. 2 x 7 =
  3. 3 x 3 =
  4. 10 x 6 =
  5. 5 x 8 =
  6. 3 x 6 =
  7. 2 x 10 =
  8. 10 x 8 =
  9. 5 x 9 =
  10. 3 x 12 =

Challenge: Sharpen your mental maths skills with this times table game! There are two options: ‘Hit the button’ or ‘Hit the answer’ against the clock…good luck! Click the picture below to start the game: