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Home learning

Hello Year 2,

Just a quick note to say that remote learning is new to children, parents/carers and teachers alike. We understand that these are challenging and unstable times and you might struggle to navigate homeschooling alongside all your other responsibilities.

The Year 2 team across the federation are working closely together to ensure that there are lessons posted daily that are both educational and accessible to children learning from home.

If at any point you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of lessons posted to the blog each day, please only focus on the lessons that are achievable for you. We want you to find a routine that works for you at home.

If you have any questions for the Year 2 team, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. We are monitoring the blog Monday-Friday during normal school hours and will be happy to help.

Thank you and keep safe,

Miss Smiley, Mrs Salim, Miss McNeill and Miss Ho

Link to home learning resources: https://hfpsy2.wordpress.com/remote-learning-resources/.

Make sure you follow the blog to get regular updates!

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Hello from the Y2 Teachers!

Dear Year 2,

Thank you for all your hard work the past 2 weeks! We understand it is really tricky to suddenly switch from learning in the classroom to learning at home, but we’ve been so impressed with what you’ve achieved so far. Have a lovely Easter break and stay safe!

Lots of love,

Miss Shakes, Miss Brazier, Ms Faucher, Miss Smiley, Mrs Salim, Miss McNeill and Miss Ho

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Hello to Citrine!

Max & Ollie

Hello Citrine Class! Let me start by just saying how incredibly proud I am of you all! Since school closed 2 weeks ago I have seen how incredibly hard you have been working at home and how well you’re using the blog to tell us teachers all about your learning.

Give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back!

What else have you been up to? In between working on your lessons I have enjoyed cooking, reading, knitting, sitting in the garden with Ollie and playing Formula 1 with my son on his PS4!

As you can see, Ollie has been busy too, catching mice and chasing butterflies.

Ollie watching for mice!

I’ve also been catching up on my reading, I’m re-reading the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Are you reading anything new?

I’d love to hear from you all, message me back and let me know what you have been up to!

I just want to finish by saying how much I miss being with you in class every day, but I am praying that for however long school is shut, you and your families look after yourselves and each other.

Best wishes,

Mrs Salim & Ollie undefined

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A message to Topaz Class from Miss Smiley

Dear Topaz Class,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. It’s been great to hear from you on the blog and it sounds like you’ve been doing some fantastic work! I’m really proud of the resilience you have all shown at a time when there has been lots of confusion and worry. I hope that now we’re two weeks in you are all feeling calm and a little more secure in your new routines at home.

I’m sorry I can’t see you all in person but I’ll keep posting and checking the comments on the blog so please keep in touch. I miss learning with you all!

There are lots of people that are close to us that we’re unable to see right now and that can be upsetting but luckily there are lots of other ways we can keep in touch. My family in Manchester are sending lots of pictures of Hugo to keep me in the green zone – I’ve shared one with you below.

He’s really enjoying have people in the house 24/7!

It might not have come how you expected it to but I hope you have a lovely Easter break and get lots of rest! I’ve been getting some exercise with The Body Coach every morning to keep me busy and re reading some of my favourite books (like Harry Potter!) to relax. Have you been reading anything interesting? What have you been doing to relax or keep busy?

I’m thinking of you all – stay safe, enjoy your break and let me know how you’re getting on.

– Miss Smiley

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A little message to Zircon Class

Dear Zircon class,

Firstly I want to say that I miss teaching all of you very much! You always managed to put a smile on my face every day and I’m sure you’re doing the same for your adults at home. I know this has been an unsettling time for all of us but I’m really proud of how lots of you are still working hard.

A special thankyou to the children who have been commenting on the blog, I’ve loved hearing from you and seeing the work you’ve been doing! I’d also like to say a BIG thank you to the parents, you’ve been doing an amazing job.

If you haven’t commented on any posts yet, don’t worry, you can comment on this one!

What is your favourite activity you’ve done this week? What are you looking forward to doing during your 2 week Easter break?

I hope that you are all healthy and happy and I’m looking forward to reading all your comments!

Love, Miss McNeill

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A message for Amber class from Ms Ho

Dear Amber class,

I hope you are keeping healthy and safe! I’ve been incredibly impressed by how resilient you have all been in these tricky times. Seeing your blog comments about the different learning you have done every day puts me in the green zone every day. I am so proud of you and here is a little message I prepared for you:

As we have had to stay indoors, I have been practising mindfulness by listening to calm music, just like what we usually do at school. My new favourite green zone tool is watching this dog listening to relaxing music:


I miss learning with all of you! I’d love to hear from all of you, so please do let me know how you are by commenting below. Take care and have a relaxing Easter break.

– Miss Ho

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Friday 3rd April- Handwriting and Grammar Practise

To consistently use capital letters and full stops.

To edit and improve your work.

To use a range in poetry features in your writing (alliteration, rhyming words, commas and onomatopoeia) 


All of our spellings this week contain the letter ‘a’, however each ‘a’ letter sounds closer to an /o/ or /or/ sound than an /a/ sound. For example, we pronounce ‘quantity’ as q-u-o-n-t-i-t-y and we pronounce ‘usual’ as use-u-a-l  and not u-s-u-a-l. For handwriting today, we would like you to focus on ‘quantity and ‘usual’.

Remember, in handwriting lessons it is much more important to take your time than it is to write the same word lots and lots of times.

Look at the example below. It is important that the letter /t/ in ‘quantity’ and /l/ in ‘usual’ stretches high above the other letters. The letter /q/ in ‘quantity’ stretches below the line. The letters /u/, /a/, /n/ and /i/ in ‘quantity’ and letters /u/, /s/, /u/ and /a/  in ‘usual’ should all be the exact same height. Try and draw a line across these letters. Is it a straight line? Are they all level?

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 19.45.13.png

Activity 1- Use a dictionary or google to find the meaning of the words ‘quantity and ‘usual’.

Activity 2- Using cursive script practise writing ‘quantity and ‘usual’.

Activity 3– Put these words into sentences – try to expanded noun phrases.

For example: The quantity of delicious, healthy fruit in ALDI in amazing.

Challenge – Can you edit and improve your sentences by using a conjunction to join your sentences (and, if, but, also, so, because).