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Goodbye lovely Amber class!

Hello my lovely Amber class,

Wow – what a year! I just wanted to post a final goodbye to you lovely lot and say thank you to you all for being such a pleasure to teach. It certainly has been a crazy year with everything Covid-19 threw at us, teaching and learning on Zoom certainly was a bit different!

You have all been so brilliant this year and it has been a joy to watch every single one of you make so much progress. I am so proud of you all and the way you have adapted to all of the different challenges we have come across.

This is a difficult blog post to write as this will be the last blog post I publish for Heavers Farm! As most of you know this is my final term at Heavers and I am moving to a new school that is much closer to where I live, but if I could take you all (and Mrs Skinner!) with me I definitely would! I feel very lucky to have taught you all this year and I’m so impressed with how much you have learned and how much you have also taught me. I have seen so much kindness and determination from you all, and you never fail to make me laugh and smile. Ms D’Souza is so lucky to teach you all next year and I know you will all do fab.

Enough of me rabbiting on…. please click on the link below and enjoy the video showing what we have been getting up to over Summer Term 2 and all our best bits! There seems to be a bit of in issue with the sound (sorry about that!) but you can still get a good idea of what we have been getting up to! Our project this term was ‘music from around the world’.


Good luck in Year 3 my lovely, super, amazing and brilliant Amber class – you will all do yourselves proud. I shall miss you all lots but I look forward to hearing how you are getting on from Mrs Skinner and the other teachers in Heavers Farm who I’m sure will update me! Remember how amazing each of you are and that I have absolutely loved teaching you this year.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love,

Your Year 2 teacher,

Miss Mckee xxx

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Journey sticks

In Zircon class today the children made their own journey sticks.

A journey stick is a tactile way of recording a journey, often of a nature walk, picking up items , leaves, twigs, feathers, petals along the way and remembering it later on.

The children took a, remembered, imagined, journey from their classroom to Heavers Meadow.

The children drew an idea for their journey stick and then used items collected from nature as well as paper and wool.

We hope you enjoy looking at the journey sticks.

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Topaz Sports Day

Two posts in one day! Please have a browse of our pictures from Sports Day last week. The children had so much fun and Topaz Class won the relay race for the whole of Year 2!! Well done Topaz!