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Spellings (test: 27/11/20)

Happy Friday Year 2!

Here are next week’s spellings. We will practise these in school, please try to practise at home too!

Spellings (test- 27th November):

Thanks and have a fantastic weekend!
Year 2

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Foggy Friday


A foggy start to the day and another round of Taekwondo with Mr Allen.


In English, Zircon class used the information they had acquired all week to write up a set of instructions.


In Maths the children consolidated everything they had learnt about money with a quiz.


In Art the children took inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh and his harvest paintings. The children did not use paintbrushes but instead used sticks and leaves.

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History Day , Thursday.

The children have been looking at significant figures in history. This morning the children studied Nelson Mandela.

After lots of research and investigation, the children’s first task was to put events of his life in chronological order.

Next the children discussed the understanding and significance of Nelson Mandela’s name and to recognise the importance in their own too.

Then the children looked at matters that were important to Nelson Mandela and then they drew posters to show the issues that were important to them.

Finally the children completed a quiz to reinforce their understanding and ability to identify details about the past.

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Amber class

Hello, lovely Amber class 🙂

What a busy week we have had!


In maths, we have been looking at money. We have learnt about the different value of coins and even started to add coins to make different different amounts. Today, we did a class quiz on money and I was very impressed with how well you have done.


This week, we have been looking at instructions. We have learned the main features of instructions (title, what you need, instructions, bossy verbs, time words, picture to show the end product) and today, you wrote you own instructions about how to plant cress seeds. This linked well with our Science work as we have planted our own cress seeds, so you knew exactly what to do when writing our own instructions.


Check out our pictures from our Science experiment on Monday. We followed instructions that told us how to plant cress seeds. I hope they grow over the weekend!


We had a lovely history morning on Thursday. We looked another important figure – Nelson Mandela. We learnt all about his life and how important it is that we are all treated equally. We also learnt about the meaning of his name and other African names, we then thought about what our own name means! We ended the lesson by creating our own placards about issues that are important to us.


As we have been looking at Harvest Festival in RE, we thought it would be lovely to create some harvest art. We looked the work of Van Gogh and then created some Van Gogh harvest inspired art work, using just materials from the sczx (no paintbrushes!).

Well done for all of your hard work this week Amber class. Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Miss Mckee 🙂

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Art – 27/11/20

Hello there, Year 2 learners!

I hope you’re well and keeping safe.

In Art today, we are going to look at creating a piece of art work using a range of different materials.

In school, we will be using twigs, leaves, fruit and vegetables but you can use whatever you may have laying around at home!

Use these materials instead of a paint brush and see if you can recreate one of these amazing harvest scenes by Vincent Van Gogh. You might want to cut an apple in half and use that to print with, or maybe even some leaves you have found in the garden. Swap your paintbrush for a twig, even!

Don’t forget to send us photos of your beautiful work if you are learning from home, we would love to see it!

Take care,

The Year 2 Team