What are we up to in Year 2?

This week in maths we have focused on the different strategies we can use to add things up – we used pictures, objects, number lines and even made our own blank number lines.  Next week, we will be focusing on different strategies that we can use to help us subtract.

In English, we are moving on to traditional tales.  We will be examining how these stories are structured, and what really needs to be included in a beginning, a middle and an ending.  The children will be retelling a traditional story over three days, so that they can focus on using as much detail as possible, and ensure that all of the necessary information is included.

We have been using our artistic skills to sketch designs for a bird house that we will be making over the next few weeks.  Before we worked out our design, we had to look closely at what would be necessary for the bird house to work.  Our work in science helped us with this, as we were able to think about all of the things that living things need to survive, for example, shelter and food.  I wonder if anyone from Year 2 can tell me what else living things need?

We will soon be going on our first trip and you will be given a letter about this on Monday.  We will be visiting the meadow beside the school, where we will be searching for micro-habitats, this forms an essential part of the science curriculum for Year 2, and will also be great fun.  The trip will be on the 2nd of October, during our science lesson, at 1.15pm.  We would very much like some parent helpers (we will need at least 3 for each  class), if you are interested in helping, please speak to your class teacher on Monday, and complete the form at the bottom of the permission letter.

Enjoy the weekend, we look forward to seeing you all next week.


Homework, due Wednesday, 30th September, 2015

Year 2 Homework –due in Wednesday, 30th September, 2015

Next week, in English, we will be exploring fairy stories and traditional tales. We would love to hear about your favourite fairy story or traditional tale. Why do you especially like it? Your homework can be presented any way you like.


Maths: We have been continuing to explore place value and addition in Maths. Can you think of why we study this? When would it be useful to you to be able to add things together?

Homework, due, Wednesday, 23rd September, 2015

This week, in Maths, we have been exploring two digit numbers. We learned, for example, that 26 is made up of 2 tens and 6 units, and wrote this as 20 + 6 = 26

For your homework this week, we would like you to look around your home and neighbourhood and find two digit numbers. They could be house numbers, prices in the shops, or even written on equipment in your kitchen.

door number

Please record the numbers and write down how many tens and how many units. 32 = 30 + 2.

You can present this information any way you like, in your homework book, as a poster, or on the blog.

Happy Number hunting!

English: In Year 2 we are always trying to improve our vocabulary. We would like you to find an adjective that could be our Word of the Week! It should be the most interesting word you can find, and you must include a definition.

Homework, due Wednesday, 16th September, 2015

This week, in English, we have been thinking about our own experiences, and writing about our most fun day during the holidays. Next week we will be looking at descriptions, using interesting adjectives.

For homework, we would like you to describe someone or something important to you. It might be a favourite pet, or a family member.

You can present this any way you like, as a poster, written in your homework diary, or as a blog post. You could even draw a picture and label it.

We are also learning how to count in 2s. If you have any tips for learning to count in 2s, we would love to hear them. Please blog your ideas so that other people can use them. Great ideas will earn a merit!

What we have been learning this week…

We have had an absolutely packed first week in Year 2.

In English, we wrote about the very best day of our holidays, and in maths we worked on addition and subtraction.  We started on our Science programme, examining living things and their habitats, and explored the work of Joan Miro in Art.


The children examined the motifs in Miro’s paintings, and then created their own drawings, thinking about how they could incorporate symbols and motifs into their own ideas, with some fabulous results.

Next week, we will be practising finding information in a text, and working with adjectives, whilst in Maths, we shall be adding 10 more and less, as well as counting in steps.  In Geography, we will be looking at the Earth, finding out about continents and oceans.

An amazing First Week

It has been fantastic to meet our new classes this week.  I know that all of the teaching staff have had a wonderful time, and I hope the children have too.  They have certainly shown us that they are ready for year 2.  We have seen some great work, and a huge amount of effort in everything the children have done, for which we would like to thank them.  Here are a few housekeeping matters:

  • PE in Year 2 is on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on these days the children should come to school in their school PE kit.
  • If you are unsure what is appropriate school uniform or PE kit, the main school blog has full details.
  • Reading Diaries should be completed, and brought to school, every day, with the name of the book the children are reading, together with the pages that they have read that day.  Please sign the diary on Sunday and bring it to school every day.  Apart from the fact that it is great fun, reading every day with an adult will have a huge impact on the children’s attainment.  Your child will be given a reading target, which will be written in the front of the diary.
  • Homework should always be returned by Wednesday morning.
  • Please click the button to follow the blog.  It is where we will post information about what we are doing in school, and where we will always post the homework.  We would love to hear your thoughts, and it is a great way for the children to communicate with us and to post their homework or ideas.  We will award every child, whose adult follows the blog, a merit!

We would all like you to feel that you can come and talk to us about your child’s time in Year 2, so please do stop off to say hello.