Homework, due 21st October, 2015


This week, in Maths, we have been working on multiplication. For your homework next week, we would like you explain what multiplication means.  How could you show this?  Think about words and expressions such as doubling and repeat addition.

Use the skills you learned throughout this week and tell us what do you think is the best way to answer a multiplication question? You can present your homework in any way you like, on a poster, in your homework book or even a post on the blog.


Literacy: Put on your detective hat and try to find headings and subheadings that exist around you. You can find them in newspapers, magazines, signs on the street, shops, etc.


Miss Edscer’s name

My surname has very little recorded about it. It is also very unusual.  According to Google, only 54 people are registered with this name (although I have not verified these statistics!). My grandmother once told me that it originated from Judaism but this is all I know.

My first name is the same as a common Chinese surname. It is in fact the surname of a famous martial artist and actor. It is also a place is Southern England. In Old English, it means meadow or clearing. Can you work out what it is?

Spectacular Spelling!

Last week we were exploring words that have the sounds made by…

au (as in August), a – e (as in made), and e – e  (as in these)

…and learning spellings that contain these digraphs. It is always useful to practise spelling, so here are some suggestions for words that we looked at last week in case you want to have a go at these at home. If you do, we would recommend the Look, Cover, Write, Check method of practising, but if you have a better way to learn your spellings, why not share them on the blog to help your friends?

Go on, challenge yourself, you can choose Mild, Spicy or Hot!


Mild: haul, Paul, author, because

Spicy: launch, jaunty, August, haunted

Hot: automatic, astronaut, cauliflower, autograph


Mild: came, make, cake, game, race

Spicy: amaze, snake, stake, flake

Hot: debate, translate, aeroplane, calculate


Mild: these, even, Pete, theme

Spicy: scene, severe, evening, delete

Hot: persevere, concede, complete, interfere


Homework, due Wednesday, 14th October, 2015

Next week, in PSHE, we will be exploring identity and thinking about why names are so important.

For your homework this week, we would like you to research your own name. Does it have any special meanings? Is it a family name or do you share it with someone who is famous? Is there someone in your family who is famous? What can you find out? You can present your homework in any way you like, but you should be ready to talk about it in our PSHE lesson next week.

Maths: We are learning about multiplication next week, and will be practising our times tables. Have you already learned your 2, 5 or 10 times tables? How did you do it? Do you have advice for anyone else in Year 2 that might help them?  Let us know, preferably on the blog, so that everyone in the year group can learn from it.

Friday’s Harvest Assembly

Just to remind everyone that it is our Harvest Assembly this Friday. We would very much appreciate any kind donations of canned food which we will be donating to Croydon Food Bank.

As a thank you for your generosity, children who bring in a donation will be allowed to wear their own clothes to school on Monday 12th October.

Let’s have a wonderful Harvest!

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