Homework, due Wednesday, 6th January, 2016

Next term’s topic is London. For your homework we would like you to research one famous London landmark, and say why you think it is important. You could also research one famous Londoner, from any period in time. Explain why they are famous, and what you think of them and what they achieved or did. Do they have any links to Selsdon or South Norwood?

You can present your research in any way you wish. Be creative!


During the holidays it is important that you keep up with your reading. Please make sure you read every day, and record, in your diaries, what you have read, and any comments you or your adults have.


Maths: please practise your 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Make sure that if you are asked any question from these, you can work out the answer! What is 3 x 5?


Rascally Reindeer

There may be something unusual lurking in your child’s school bag!  Today we made reindeer sock puppets. Have a look at our creations…



Why not encourage your child to use scissors at home?  They could make something and post a picture of it on the blog.  Using scissors will help to strengthen their hand muscles and will have a positive impact on their handwriting.

Spectacular shoe boxes!

Thank you to everyone who brought in shoeboxes for us to use.

Today, we used our shoe boxes to create a diorama, a model of a snowy scene. We created a backdrop, using paint, before making models out of everyday materials and putting them in to make a 3D picture.

When we were finished, we experimented with a polymer, adding water to see what happened. Take a look at our videos to see what we did!

The children worked very respectfully and were so considerate of each other while they shared the resources, I was very proud. Take a look at our finished products!


Can you spot how we used our fake snow?


End of term parties

Dear Year 2 parents and carers,

I have posted Zircon’s party plans as they require the children to bring something from home.  A parent from another class has expressed concern that her child’s class will be missing out.  

I can confirm that all of the classes will be having parties on Friday afternoon, but they will be whatever has been discussed between the teachers and the pupils in that class, and so they won’t all be the same style.

They will, I am certain, all be great fun.  If you are not sure what is happening in your child’s class, please ask your child’s teacher.  They will be pleased to discuss it with you.

Sandra Millican


Creative shapes and Winter verses

We had great fun today in class recalling the properties of shapes, creating the shapes and using them to make Winter pictures.

We also talked about Winter poems. The children made some fantastic observations on a range of poems, spotting rhyme, rhythm, verses, use of repetition and hidden titles in acrostic poems. I was really impressed by the mature way that they respected each other’s opinions and challenged each other. Great work Zircon!