Happy New Year


Happy New Year to everyone in Year 2!  We are going to have a really exciting term, and we are all very much looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.   I can’t wait to see your homework, and find out which London landmarks and people you chose to research.

There are two new pages at the top of the blog, one is for spelling challenges and the second is all about number bonds.  I’d love to know how you get on with the number bond game!  These pages will be edited regularly to give you new challenges, so do keep checking them!



In English this half term we are going to return to narratives, looking at traditional stories.  We will be looking for the children to write increasingly accurate, grammatically correct, sentences (focus on those capital letters and full stops!).  We will also be challenging the children to check their own work for errors, including spelling mistakes, and to correct these as they work.  



Place value song

Number bond song

This term will see us return to focus on Number in Mathematics.  A good grasp of number bonds will help the children with their learning.  We will also be reviewing partitioning – understanding that 23 is the same as 20 + 3, and can be described as two 10s and three units.  We will use all of this information to help us work with larger numbers.


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