Homework due, Wednesday, 27th January, 2016

We have a whole school homework this week to help us make a very important decision!
Do you remember when we asked you to submit potential names for all of our houses before the holidays? Well, now the time has come to put your suggestions to use!

Firstly, we’d like to thank everybody across the Federation for submitting such brilliant and thoughtful suggestions, there are some really inspirational people among these names.

Now, we’ve spent weeks poring over the many many submissions you have all made, and we’ve had to whittle down the list by only choosing the most popular suggestions. We’ve also taken out any of our previous house names, as we think it’s time for a change.

So, on to this week’s homework!  Below, you’ll see a list of five names for each house colour (red, green, blue and yellow). Your homework this week will be to research the person who you know least about in your own house’s list.

For example, if I was in the red house, and I know lots and lots about Martin Luther King Jr, but not too much about Emmeline Pankhurst, I would do my homework on Emmeline Pankhurst.

The key is to find as many interesting facts about that person as possible. One for Emmeline Pankhurst might be that she was arrested over seven times whilst campaigning for women’s rights.

Once you’ve got all of the information, we will be setting up a poll on the blog so you can vote for your favourites! Look out for this next week!

There are links to these people on the main Heavers Farm blog.  You could post your comments there this week, and the whole school will see your research!


Michael Jordan
Usain Bolt
David Beckham
Steph Houghton
Jessica Ennis-Hill

Rosa Parks
Martin Luther King Jr
Emmeline Pankhurst
Aretha Franklin

Roald Dahl
David Attenborough
JK Rowling
Jacqueline Wilson
Benjamin Zephaniah

Marie Curie
Isaac Newton
Helen Sharman
Stephen Hawking
Alan Turing


28 thoughts on “Homework due, Wednesday, 27th January, 2016

    • Miss Heathfield says:

      Hi Jojo!
      Well done for finding out important facts about Usain Bolt. Why do you think he can run so fast? What could you do to help you be a better runner?


  1. Alan Turing was a logician, mathematician and computer scientist. He is generally known for his work in artificial intelligence and computer science.

    Turing was born in London in 1912, and at school was able to solve complex problems without having been taught them.

    Once he cycled almost 100 km from his home to school..
    In 1936, he came up with the idea of a machine that was able to compute anything that could be computed. This was known as the Turing Machine and led to the modern computer.

    During World War 2, Turing worked at Bletchley Park and was involved in breaking the German Enigma Machine codes.

    Turing often ran 60 km to London for meetings, and he liked to chain his coffee mug to a radiator at Bletchley Park to stop other people using it.

    During the late 1940s he worked in the University of Manchester in mathematics and computing. His experiment, the Turing test tried to devise an intelligence standard for technology.

    In 1948 he wrote a chess programme for a computer that had yet to be invented. He also published several important papers on mathematical biology.

    He worked on standards for machines to be called intelligent. The same principle is used today in online CAPTCHA tests, which determine whether a user is a person or a machine.

    Turing committed suicide in 1954, by eating an apple containing cyanide. He was fascinated with the Disney cartoon version of Snow White which features a similar idea.
    Alan Turing has been named as one of the 100 most important people of the 20th century. A Manchester road is named for him, as are many colleges, and there is an Alan Turing version of Monopoly.

    There is a statue of Turing in Whitworth Gardens, Manchester. In 2012, the Olympic flame was passed from one person to another in front of the statue, on what would have been his 100th birthday.


  2. Cemre says:

    I think the new name should be Malala.

    Rosa Parks was a black women who didn’t give up her sit on a bus in the 20th century. She was an African American civil activist during a time of racial segregation who refused to leave her sit on a section of a bus specifically for whites.


  3. Tiffany levy Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913
    Her full name was Rosa Louis McCauley Parks.
    Her mother Leona was a teacher and her father James was a carpenter.
    Rosa Parks comes from African-American, Native American and Scots-Irish decent.
    She attended Montgomery Industrial School for Girls and Alabama State Teachers College for Negros.
    At the age of 19 she married Raymond Parks, a barber.
    Rosa Parks worked as a seamstress at Montgomery Fair Department Store in Montgomery Alabama.
    On December 1 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the public bus to a white passenger. Her refusal to give up her seat played a big part in the Civil Rights Movement of that era.

    Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus.
    On December 5, 1955 people protested her arrest by not using the public bus. It lead to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lead the boycott.
    On December 8th Rosa Parks had a trial and was found guilty. She had to pay $10fine plus a court fee of $4 for a total of $14.
    During boycott an estimated 40,000 African-Americans stopped using the public bus.
    Rosa Parks and her husband both lost their jobs during the boycott.
    The boycott lasted 381 days the supreme court ruled that public buses could no longer be segregated.
    Rosa Parks became known at the “mother of the civil rights movement.”
    Rosa Parks was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of colored people (NAACP).

    In 1987 she and a friend founded Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development. It’s purpose was to teach young people about the civil rights movement.
    In 1992 Rosa Parks published a book about her life called My Story.
    In 1995 she published her memoirs called Quiet Strength.
    In 1996 She received the Medal of Freedom and 250th Congressional Gold Medal of Honor from President Bill Clinton.
    In 1999 She was one of Time Magazine’s 20 most Influential People of the 20th Century.
    Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005.
    Her casket was brought to Washington where thousands of people went to pay their respects.


  4. Jakub says:

    David Beckham was born on 2 May 1975 in London’s Leytonstone. He is the son of Sandra West, hair styling and David Edward Beckham. Footballer mother’s side is of Jewish descent, he describes himself as “half-Jew” and points out that Judaism had the most participation in the religious life . Young David from an early age he loved to play ball Together with his father cheering for the team of Manchester United. Youth career began in Tottenham FC. As a youngster he played well in Brimsdown Rovers and Manchester United team younger. Beckham was beginning professional career in Manchester United where he played yet 10 years. In 2003 Beckham has signed contract with giant Spanish League- Real Madrid. The amount of his transfer cost” Los Galacticos” until 37 million euro. Beckham became involved with Real on 4 seasons. David Beckham has become the first British player, who performed over 100 meetings in the Champions League. Beckham played for Real from 2003 to 2007. Beckham with the Galaxy signed July 1, 2007. Twice he finished second in the FIFA Player of the Year poll. In 2004 and 2009 was the best paid footballer [12]. He has participated in numerous advertising campaigns, also he lent his name cosmetics line. David Beckham jestambasadorem UNICEF goodwill. In January 2014, during a press conference he confirmed that it has begun the creation of a Miami club who will take part in the competition Major League Soccer.


    • mrsmillican says:

      I am learning such a lot from the homework this week, Jakub – thank you very much for the interesting facts about David Beckham. Do you think that he would be a good choice to represent the Blue house? If so, why?


  5. I have chosen Rosa Parks because she was inspirational and stood up for equal rights for people of colour, Rosa parks is famous for sitting on the front of a bus where in those days only white people were allowed to sit. When she was asked to move she refused. Rosa was arrested, but what she did made others feel stronger to stand up to racism and injustice.

    Here is a short video on Rosa parks life


  6. I have chosen Rosa parks because she stood up against racism and fought for equal rights for people of colour. Rosa Parks is famous for an incident when she sat on a bus and was sitting in the front where only white people were allowed to sit Rosa Parks was asked to move but she refused. She was then arrested.


  7. Kai-ann
    I have chosen Jessica ennis-hill.
    Jessica was born in 1986.
    She is the former British record holder in the 100 meters, hurdles, the high jump and the indoor pentathon.
    Jessica mum did the the high jump and her dad did sprinting.
    Jessica has won 3 gold, 3 sliver and 3 bronze medals.


    • mrsmillican says:

      Thank you Kai-Ann, I did not know that Jessica’s Mum and Dad were athletes too! Perhaps that is where she gained her love of sport. What do you and your Mum love doing together?


  8. Aaliyah Hylton says:

    I have chosen Usain Bolt for the blue house team. He has Jamaican heritage like me and as his surname suggests he is as fast as a “bolt” of lightning. He is a very popular athlete and is a role model and inspiration for all athletes now and for the future.

    Here are some facts about Usain Bolt:-
    Usain Bolt was born in Trelawny, Jamaica on 21st August 1986.
    He is 6 ft 5 inches in height – very tall for a sprinter.
    When he was a young, Usain spent his time playing and thinking about sport. He loved playing football and cricket.
    At high school, he started to get into athletics and in 2001 he got the 200m silver medal in the Jamaican high school championships.
    Usain Bolt turned professional in 2004.
    Usain Bolt took that 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing by storm. He won the 100m in a record time of 9.69 seconds, and he won the 200m in a record time of 19.30 seconds. Along with his Jamaican teammates, Bolt also won gold in the 4x 100m relay.
    At the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Bolt improved on his 100m world-record, winning the event in a time of 9.58 seconds. He also won the 200m in a new world-record time of 19.19 seconds.
    In the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Bolt won the 100m with an Olympic record time of 9.63 seconds. He also won gold in the 200m and the 4x100m relay.
    Bolt enjoys dancing, DJing and he still plays cricket.
    He is nicknamed Lightning Bolt.
    Bolt can run at a speed of about 23.7 mph.
    He has his own iPhone app called Bolt!
    He owns his own restaurant / sports bar called Tracks & Records.


  9. Kisaanth Indralingam says:

    David Attenborough Facts
    -born on 8th May 1926 (90 years old)

    -studied at the university of Cambridge

    -has one daughter and one son

    -first job was in the navy for two years from 1947

    -accepted job at the BBC in 1952

    – only creatures he doesn’t like are rats

    -he has been in television broadcasting for more than 60 years

    -well know for his discovery (animals/wildlife) broadcasting with his unique voice

    -for one documentary (the life of birds), he traveled 256.000 miles.That’s like going around the world 10 times

    Kisaanth (Citrine class)


  10. J. K Rowling

    J K Rowling was born on July 31 in Yate in Gloucestershire.

    She became famous for writing the Harry Potter Books and has won lots of awards for them. Over 400 million copies have been sold around the world and translated into 65 different languages. The books have been made into films.
    She has also written books using the name Robert Galbraith.
    She taught English in Portugal after she graduated from Exeter University
    The ‘K’ in her name stands for her grandmother’s name, Kathleen.
    She lives in Scotland with her husband, an Anaesthetist and has three children.
    She supports charities for Multiple Sclerosis and Single Parents.


  11. I have choose Jessica Ennis-Hill as she has achieved so much and I think she is amazing.

    Age: 29
    Born: Sheffield, England

    Olympic Final 2012 – 1st place, Track & field athlete, Multi-eventing discipline & 100 meter hurdles.

    Currently Olympic & World heptathlon champion.

    Started athletics at 10.

    She won the high jump at the national school championship at the age of 14, becoming a national schools championships.

    Lives with her husband, son Reggie and a Labrador named myla.

    Couldn’t compete in 2008 Olympics due to injury

    Won gold in 2009 World Championship in Berlin

    When she was a child she wanted to be a chef

    Crush is David Beckham

    Awarded MBE in 2011


    * This homework was posted on main blog on 24th but thought it was best to also post on here just incase you didn’t see it. Thanks


    • mrsmillican says:

      Thank you very much! I was just about to check the main blog. I shall do so now, to see if there are any others there.
      She certainly is amazing, thank you for such detailed research.


  12. Farrell says:

    My choice for my favourite color Nightingale school sports house team is the fastest man in the world ( Hussain Bolt ). He was born in Jamaica just like my mom, and my family and had dinner at his restaurant / sports bar called ( Tracks and Record ), while we were on vacation in Jamaica.

    Other interesting facts about Hussain includes :

    He was born in 1986 and fortunately for him his career began at the age of 15 after he won the Junior Kingston Championship in Jamaica (2002).

    HE is still the same height now as when he was 15 years, when he was younger he spent his time playing cricket and football.

    Won four gold medal as a junior athlete in 2003:at the Carifra Games.

    Actually became professionally in 2004….but was eliminated in the first round of the 200m event in the same year due to a leg injury.. At the Olympic Games in Athens .

    He became qualified for the final event in the 2005 Woeld Championship but finished last.

    Hobbies include dancing , Dee saying and playing cricket his past time sport.

    He Is nicknamed lighting Bolt.. ( due to his speed ).

    Has his very own iPhone app named after him (Bolt).

    Has brother who is a cricket and he is only eight months older than Hussain.


  13. nyah says:

    david beckham played for machster united football team
    he has played in america for la galexy and real madrid and he is very famous all over h world

    he has a obe


    • mrsmillican says:

      Hello Nyah,
      Can you explain what an OBE is? Can you tell me why David Beckham was awarded it?
      I would be very interested to find out.


    • nyah says:

      An OBE is is a an award awarded by the royal family it means an order of god and the british empire for david beckham was given an obe for his football career


      • mrsmillican says:

        Thank you for explaining, Nyah, is there anyone that you think deserves an OBE that has not yet been awarded one?


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