Homework, Due, Wednesday, March, 2016


Your task: To create a poster to show halves and quarters

In maths this week, we will learning about fractions. Imagine there is a new child coming into year 2 and you need to design a poster to explain to them what a half and a quarter is.

Your task is to find examples of halves and quarters in your home. You might use a group of objects and divide them into halves. You might draw one object and split it into quarters. The most exciting and imaginative posters will be displayed in the classroom.

Have fun!




Measuring in Maths!

This week, in Maths, we have been exploring the world of measuring…

We have been human scales to find the heaviest and lightest items, and compared these, using symbols: <, > and =.

Using different units of measure, we explored length.  The children explored different options to determine what would give us the most accurate measurement, and they used this to compare the length of different objects.

We experimented to find ways to test the capacity of cups, then explained what we had found out!

What can you find to measure at home?  What units of measure did you use?  Can you explain how you did it?

Homework, due 24th February, 2016


We learned, in Topic, that Samuel Pepys wrote a diary which included lots of information about what was happening in London during his life. This diary has helped historians understand what people at that time were thinking and how they acted. Lots of people keep diaries to record their lives and memories, so that they can read them when they are older.

For your holiday homework we would like you to keep your own diary. You should make a record of each day. It can be of the things you do, see or feel, you might like to include current events!


It is very important that you also keep up with your reading. Choose one of the books that you read during the holidays and write a book report about it. The book report should include the title of the book, and the name of the author; what happens in the story; what you liked about the story and what you didn’t; and whether you would recommend the book. You might like to give it a rating out of 10.

Have a great holiday.   We are all looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

The Mystery Continues…


The budding journalists in Amber class were able to put their interviewing skills to the test today when they had the chance to interview a witness to the Boardroom Mystery!

Mr McCormack was the first on the scene and was able to give a few more clues about what happened.  The journalists asked questions which they had prepared and then practised their note taking in response to Mr McCormack’s answers. “Have you checked the CCTV?” asked one of the journalists. Mr McCormack then phoned Scott the caretaker to find out what he knew.  He reported that the video for that time is missing!

IMG_0770Words and phrases like: flash of fur, bashing noise, missing fruit and blue ribbon were recorded on the journalist’s whiteboards.

What really happened in the boardroom? Was it an animal that broke in? Or a human dressed in a furry costume? Why were there no footprints leaving the room? Where did all the fruit go? (Though we have found out Mr McCormack ate the last banana because he was feeling nervous!) Or maybe it is the teachers trying to trick us! The mystery continues…


Crime Scene!

Strange things have been happening here at Heavers Farm over the weekend!  Year 2 were surprised to discover a crime scene in the board room!

As the first journalists on the scene, members of each class were let into the board room to look at the damage that had been caused.  They looked at all of the clues that had been left to get a better idea of what had happened.

Next they thought of open questions that they would like to ask a witness to the crime. On Wednesday, children from Year 2 will get the chance to ask the witness their questions.

Have a look at the pictures. What do you think happened?  What would you ask the witness to find out more?


Homework, due Wednesday, 10th February, 2016


We have been working on reading comprehension in guided reading, answering questions based on fiction and non-fiction texts that we have read.


For homework this week, we would like you to choose a book and write about one of the characters. Describe the personality of the character. Is it a main character? If that character was a real person, would they be a good role model to you? Can you explain why/why not? Have you got anything in common? Have you had any of the same experiences?

Please present your homework in any way you wish, in your homework book, on a poster, on the blog…be creative!

London’s Burning!


In our topic lessons we are learning about the Great Fire of London.  This week, we will be creating houses which we will then use to make London in 1666.  We need as many boxes (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, any other boxes!) as possible.

Can you help?

Please bring any boxes you have to your child’s class either tomorrow, or Friday morning.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to return these…

Best wishes,

The Year 2 team.