Making Bar Graphs in Maths – Citrine Class

Citrine Class today not only looked at Bar Graphs in Maths….they actually made their own!  With the children working in groups at their tables, they collected information about each other.  How many boys and girls were in their table group?  How old were they?  When were their birthdays?  Then they represented this information in the form of a Bar Graph.  You can see their work below.





Eggs-cellent Fun in Citrine Class


Citrine Class got into the Easter fun by bringing in some beautifully decorated Easter Eggs.  All were very colourful and skilfully made.

Shape Sorting in Amber Class

We put our sorting skills to the test last week and worked in pairs to sort shapes in whichever way we wanted.  Once we had sorted them one way, we checked our answers and then thought of another way to sort them.  As a class we thought of lots of different ways.  Here are some photos of us pausing for a smile and a pose!

Amber’s Animal Alphabet Poem

Last Wednesday, Amber class were set the challenge of writing an alphabet poem. Together, we chose the topic of animals before heading off in groups to write parts of the poem.  We worked fantastically in teams, sharing ideas and helping each other to come up with the best lines.  What words could we use to keep the reader amused? Are we going to use rhyming words or not? Can we keep a good rhythm to our poem?

At the end of the lesson we combined all of the lines we had been working on to create one fabulous poem. Can you spot the made up animal? Can you find the rhyming words? What is your favourite line of the poem? We’d love to get your feedback! We are very happy with the result! We hope you love it too!

Amber’s Animal Alphabet Poem

A is for ants that crawl in your pants,

B is for bats that fly in the night,

C is for cats that play with the light,

D is for dogs that like eating sausages,

E is for elephants that like squirting water,

F is for frogs that jump on the logs,

G is for giraffes that have a very long neck,

H is for hamsters who nibble and bite,

I is for iguanas who are sneaky and bright,

J is for jaguars who run really fast,

K is for kangaroos who jump all around,

L is for lions who roar really loud,

M is for monkeys swinging on the branches,

N is for newts who are pesky and rude,

O is for oxen, oh, oh, oh!

P is for pandas that eat bamboo,

Q is quails who sing with the whales,

R is for rats that have whiskers like cats,

S is for skunks that fart like darts!

T is for tigers with stripes like the night,

U is for unicorns that wear funny uniforms,

V is for voles who play with the moles,

W is for whales swimming in the sea,

X is for xtoe that may have pointy knees,

Y is for yak who lies on his back,

Z is for zebra with a black and white mac.

Homework, due Wednesday, 23rd March, 2016

Next week in English, we will be working on descriptive writing. This means that we will be using lots of detail, adjectives and our five senses in our writing to describe either a person, an object, food, a place, etc.

For this week’s homework you will need to practise your descriptive writing by writing a story using this as the first sentence:


I crept carefully into the attic and realised that there was something up there, waiting for me…

 Think about:

What was in your attic?

Is it good or evil?

How did it get into your attic and why?

How were you feeling?

What could you see? What could you hear?

Once your story has been written, you can publish it in any way you please!

Help please!

In maths we are exploring shape, and we have an exciting lesson planned for Friday, but we do need old boxes for it.


If you have any old containers (any size or shape ,as long as they are clean and made of cardboard), we would very much appreciate it if you could send them in with your child tomorrow.

Many thanks,

The Year 2 Teaching Team