The future looks like this …

Well done to Gerry and Samaya for their amazing designs for our homework!

I will be posting more of the children’s amazing ideas and will also display them around the classroom. I was really surprised and amazed by some of their ideas, designs and the materials they think people will be using in 100 years time.

Keep on being creative! It’s the key to succeed!

Have a great weekend and Bank Holiday

Mr Viola


homework 29 april



Welcome from Mr Viola

Dear children and parents,

Time has flown by and very little space was allowed for introductions from both sides.

It has been a great pleasure teaching in Zircon class for the last two weeks and I am looking forward to the rest of the term!

Children’s learning have been amazing and they are working really hard to get ready for the challenges that awaits them in Year 3! Having said that, we still strive to make the environment in Zircon class as nice and fun as possible.

Book changes, homework and PE are still the same, so no major changes in the children’s routine.

Welcome and thanks for your continuous support,


Mr Viola


Fractions in Amber class.

Today in Amber class, we started looking at fractions. Our students used coloured beads to work out the 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 of round numbers like 20, 16, 25 and 30. They worked as table groups to record their findings on a piece of paper. It was a good beginning to our week of fractions.

Stay tuned!

Well done Amber class!

Having fun in Maths!

This week we have been challenged to use all our strategies in counting and the four operations: addition, subtractions, multiplication and division.

Some of us also used cubes to help us!

Counting is our new friend in Maths!

Well done children!

Mr Viola

Firefighters in School!

We have recently had special guests in classroom: London Fire Brigade Officers! Yes, we have been visited by real firefighters!

They spoke about safety at home and how children could help adults and we learnt how to stay save at home!

Thanks to the firefighters who came and who always help us everyday!


Mr Viola

Citrine Class investigating fractions

Today in Citrine class we were using groups of objects to investigate fractions.  The children had to gather a certain number of objects and then show what half of that amount would be, what a third would be and what a quarter would be.  The children all were engaged during the lesson and were able to demonstrate their knowledge of fractions.