Potato Seeds Looking Good!

The potato seeds planted by Citrine Class are certainly looking healthy.  Our class has the seeds that have had some sunlight and water…..and they certainly look in good shape.


Growing Beans

This half term Topaz class have been investigating the lifecycle of plants. Today the children began an experiment to grow beans in cups in order to predict what might happen over the next few weeks.

We took some pinto beans and wrapped these in damp cotton wool before placing in cups. Over the next few weeks we will be checking on their progress!

What do plants need to grow healthily?

What would happen to the seed if we placed it in a dark place?

Salsa Salsa Salsa!!!

This morning Amber class, with the help of a very special dance teacher in Mrs Williams, due to Miss Handley’s 2 left feet, learned how to do the basic salsa moves in P.E. After a quick step by step introduction, they split into groups to choreograph their own salsa inspired dance! What a fun morning for our hardworking little superstars!

Book reviewers 

This week in English we are looking at the features of a book review. On Monday, the class wrote a review about their favourite book and on Tuesday we worked in table groups to write a class book review on The Selfish Crocodile which Miss Handley read (quite brilliantly) to the class at the start of the lesson. Table 1 worked with the teacher to cover the title, author and audience. Table 2 worked together to produce a brief summary of what happened in the book, Table 3 gave us an insight into their favourite and least favourite parts of the book, Table 4 thought about some comments and opinions about the book whilst Table 5 gave out some recommendations. All the tables worked well together and really thought about what information should go under each heading. After reading Amber class’ review would you like to read The Selfish Crocodile?!

Weighing things up!

Today in Topaz class we were reviewing what we know about weight. The children weighed everyday items and made comparisons as to which object is heavier or lighter.

Does the weight of an object have any relation to how large or small it is?

Next week Topaz will be investigating capacity. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

Best Foot Forward

Today in Topaz class the children were reviewing what we already know about measuring length.

The children measured their feet then each other’s arms, legs and heads.

Why are some peoples’ feet bigger than others?

Do taller people have longer body parts than shorter people?