Citrine Class is a fit class!

Today Citrine class came up with their own exercise routines in Science.  They’ve been learning about why exercise is important for a healthy body and today devised routines to work various parts of the body.  Everyone is getting in shape for the summer!


Birthday Lunch

Last Friday we gathered on the field to enjoy a shared lunch in honour of the Queen’s birthday. Here are some photos from the afternoon. Enjoy!

Taking the Temperature

Last week in Topaz class we were investigating how the temperature of water can change. We measured the temperature of a cup of hot water, room temperature water and ice cold water, using our readings to make comparisons and draw conclusions.

Do you know what the freezing and boring points of water are?

A day with nature

Dear parents/carers,

despite the grey skies, Zircon class were lucky enough to enjoy a real treat at Heathfield Ecology Centre.

We learned about the wildlife around us and also a lot of information about plants from all parts of the world. Moreover, children discovered a nice place to take their adults during the summer, and it is worth a visit and (on a sunny day) a nice picnic!

Thanks for the parents and adults who helped us and it was a great display of amazing behaviour, making Heavers reputation around Croydon every day shine brighter!

Looking forward to another school visit,
Mr Viola

Citrine Class at Heathfield Ecology Centre

Today Citrine class were the latest Year 2 class to visit Heathfield Ecology Centre.  The children were given tours, learning about trees, plants, ponds, wildlife and their habitats.

The children were shown tadpoles, water lizards, frogs and other creatures that live in ponds.  And they got to feed a couple of sheep!


How To Make A Coat For Teddy

In Citrine class  on Friday the children were writing instructions on how to design and make a coat for a Teddy Bear.  A practical demonstration was needed first, so Mrs Duckworth (with help from his assistant Sam) worked with the class on all the steps needed to make a coat.