Thank you Zircon!!!

Dear all,

What an amazing summer term this was: a completely new teacher at this stage, tests, preparation for year 3!

It was a lovely last afternoon and week for all the adults in the class but especially for me!

I hope to be able to teach you again in the future, you have all been amazing and done super learning!

I have promised I would train every single one of the kids in becoming Jedi’s once they reached 15! I lied: they are already on the path to an amazing future! Just remember to always focus on your dreams and never give up, no matter how difficult it might seem, it will be there for you!

Thanks to parents, carers and all the team at Heavers for their support and commitment to the learning!
Best wishes and have an amazing summer
Mr Viola


Bridging knowledge!

Dear Parents/carers,
Today it was all about bridges in Zircon. We looked at texts talking about bridges, in science we saw how some bridges were built and what influences the choices of shapes and materials. We learnt that bridges are not only used for transportation of goods and people, but in ancient times they also transported water! Can anyone name what those kind of bridges were called?

And then we tried making our own bridges with lollipop sticks, cardboard, strings, paper and glue! This is what our learning looked like today!

All the best
Mr Viola

Citrine singing like angels!

Citrine did a lovely performance recently for their parents.  This included a presentation on what they had learnt about studying the life cycle of seed potatoes.  As well as everyone introducing themselves and saying what their favourite bit of learning had been during the year.

On top of that, they also sang a couple of songs.  Both of them were taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and links to the video of them singing the Oompah Lumpah song is below:

More planes

Hello everyone,

Today we explored even deeper the art of making planes.

During English, we wrote instructions on how to make a good paper plane. In Maths we tried them out and measured how far their flew, recording our findings in graphs.

And in science we found out that maybe kitchen foils make the best planes.

Can you think of a reason why?

Well done everyone.

Mr Viola

Place Value

Today we made place value and combinations as easy as a game! Literally.
Using beans and whiteboards children developed even further their knowledge in this sometimes tricky mathematical concept.
It was a fun lesson!
Mr Viola

Sports day!

Good morning all,
It’s been a week now and what an amazing day we had! We even had a double decker red bus to ourselves on the way back!
Loads of activities well organised and the kids (and some of the teaching staff) enjoying a let of physical activity! Keep moving, keep active and keep healthy.
It was also very nice to enjoy lunch with our peers from Selsdon, a rare opportunity for both schools.

Thanks to all adults who worked so hard to bring this together and the carers who took time to attend, support and participate
Mr Viola