Our United Kingdom

This half term we have been learning about the four parts of the U.K. Each week we have researched a different nation and built up an information booklet about them all. Here we are completing our work!


Cross Country Stars!

This week four members of Topaz took part in their first cross country meet.

They all competed with great success and did Topaz proud!

Well done to Jayden, Kayden, Tristan and Winston!!


Daring dissections 

In science, we are learning about living things and this week in particular, about food chains. Today, year 2 dissected an owl pellet to discover what they could find on the inside, to discover what an owl eats and how this shows it’s food chain. Some budding scientists found lots of different bones and coloured fur, which we identified as parts of a vole, a mouse or a bird. Here are the children in Zircon class, showing us their favourite find.