Snow Globes 

Zircon class had a brilliant craft session on Friday when we completed making our winter snow globes. The children made models to begin with and secured them to the lid of the jar, before adding some pretend snow and creating the glittery liquid for the figure to stand in. Thank you parents and careers for bringing in the jars so promptly, we hope you enjoy them at home! 


Snow Globes

Today Topaz class had great fun making snow globes. Using the models they had previously made, the children filled their jars with glitter to create their masterpieces!

Today’s Topic

This week in Year 2 we will be making snow globes using jam jars. In preparation for this, Topaz class made small winter figures using plasticine which we will place inside our snow globes.

Our figures include snowmen, elves, a house and a tea cup!

Jam Jars Needed!

To all parents of children in year 2, all the children will need a jam jar later this week as we are making snow globes! We will need the jars for the lesson on Thursday but please bring in at any point this week! Thank you from all the year 2 teachers 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 08.30.20.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 08.30.45.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-13 at 08.30.20.png


Crafty afternoon 

Zircon class enjoyed their well deserved class treat this afternoon as a reward for working so hard this half term and filling up their marble jar. We made lots of Wintery  crafts including snowflakes, paper chains and Christmas trees. Well done Zircon class! 

Scentific Enquiries

Topaz class were making handbags on Friday from different materials. Continuing with our topic of Materials, next week we will test which materials are waterproof and which are not.

The class made bags using tissue paper, thick paper, plastic and felt. Can you guess which material can best repel water?