Shabbat candles 

Zircon class have been learning about the Jewish faith this term and spent Thursday afternoon making their own candles. During Shabbat in the home, all the electricity is turned off and the candles themselves provide light for the joy of celebration. I asked the children if they would be able to live without electricity for a day and the answer was a resounding no! Maybe it could be a challenge to try at home for a meal time! 


Homework Due 1st February 2017

Homework due Wednesday 1st  February 2017

Spellings:   -less suffix

This week we would like you to learn the following spellings ready for a test at the end of next week:

Some are using our suffix that we are learning over the next week in class. Others are high frequency words, based on a recent check of these.

needless                      water

fearless                        away

fruitless                        good

friendless                     want

penniless                     over

You can use any method you want to learn your spellings. Talk with your parents about any methods they know!


Please write a sentence using each of the words above, using your best handwriting.  This is also a great way to show that you understand the meaning of the words.

Times Tables:   x10

This week you need to be practising your 10 times tables.

We would like you to show your learning in any way (some examples could be: as a video on the blog; as a poster; writing a song or poem).


Make sure you read with an adult every day. Comment on your reading in your reading diaries.

This week in RE

This term we have been learning about the religion of Judaism. The class made challah bread from plasticine which is a traditional bread used to celebrate the Shabbat. Topaz also made Shabbat candles and decorated them.

Banging Tunes

Some of the children in Zircon class have been practising their rhythms to improve their knowledge of patterns and repetition. Here they are using instruments to replicate and create their own rhythms. 




Interviewing Zircon class 

Zircon class have been interviewing each other this week to find out what sort of hobbies they like to do and why. We are reading the book of ‘Amazing Grace’ where Grace likes to spend all of her free time acting out the stories she reads and the ones her Ma and Nana tell her. The children have been encouraged to think about what they like to do in their free time, resulting in some fantastic stories at the end of the week. Here is some footage of the children doing their first ever interview in year 2. It is a little noisy!