Today we entered our classroom to find that the dastardly marble thief had entered and left a mess! We found tissue thrown across the classroom, some of our marbles left for us to find and a cheeky message on our whiteboard!

We can’t have our marble jar treat without our marbles! Can you help us find the tricky thief?



Burglary! Help Wanted!

Yesterday the shared area outside was vandalised and our marble jar was stolen!

The children have ben busy looking for clues but if you any information please help us to catch the culprit!

Amber class uncovers shocking news! 

Amber class received some upsetting news yesterday morning – the area outside Topaz and Citrine class had been broken into! The criminal also stole marble jars from Topaz and Citrine class, Mr. Silvestri’s precious Pasquale as well as Miss Ho’s keys. We went to investigate the crime scene and found lots of evidence.

Whoever caused this terrible destruction… we will find you!