Year 2 had some incredibly exciting guests today… Four owls joined us for school this morning! We learned different facts about them and watched them swoop right above our heads.



Owls Visit

Today Year 2 had a very special visit from the owls.

Monty the Bengal Eagle Owl, Chip the Little Owl, Tango the Scops Owl and Whisper the Barn Owl entertained the children who were given the opportunity to watch them fly. The handlers explained the unique properties of the owls and the children were able to have their photo taken with Whisper.

Fractions and Zircon

Fractions met children in Zircon class and they like each other.

Children have been learning about fractions this week and they have become very good at it. They know that a fraction is part of a whole; in fact, today they have been identifying fractions of objects. I am very proud of them!