End of Term fun

Citrine class created some beautiful calendars to see in the New Year.


Hula hoops and time

Amber class have been working really hard to understand time this past week and today, we used a hula hoop to make a clock.

Hygiene Experiments

Year 2 have been learning about healthy eating and hygiene. Today Citrine class conducted an experiment to see the effects of good hygiene on potatoes.

Potatoes have been put in different test conditions to observe which conditions are the cleanest including being rubbed over a sink, over shoes and over clean and dirty hands.

Which potatoes do you think will be the cleanest?



Please learn the spellings that you haven’t practised this week. 

Common exception words: people. water, again, half, money.

-ed words: copied, cried, replied, fried, worried.


Common exception words: Mr, Mrs, Parents, Christmas.

-er words: hiker, nicer, writer, baker, dancer, rider.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Mr Cambridge