The great race

This week, year two have been learning about traditional tales in English. The traditional tale we have been learning about in more detail is from China and it is called the Great Race. It is about the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Today, our Topazian’s created a story map to show the story.


Help, Help, Help!!!

Year 2 classes are in need of boxes for our Art lesson on Friday 1st February 2019. Each child should have a box to create a Tudor house, so we can make our London on fire.

Please can you give at least one box to your little one?

A cereal box or a shoe box would be really good!

Thank you so much!

The Great Fire of London

Zircon class has met a lady dressed as women used to dress in 1666. She told us many interesting facts about the fire and the aftermath. Children had interactive activities where they acted out how people felt at the time when their houses were burning down.

It has been exciting!!!