Paper aeroplanes!

Today, Topaz Class wrote a series of instructions for how to make a paper aeroplane.

We then made them out of paper and threw them to see who’s went the furthest. Sadly, Mr Cambridge’s paper plane had a serious malfunction (he didn’t read the instructions properly) and it actually flew backwards!


Heavers Meadow

Yesterday, Year Two took a trip to Heavers Meadow to look at all of the wonderful wildlife and greenery it has to offer.

A huge thank you to all of our parents/carers who came to support on the trip. We really appreciate it!


Topaz Class Update – Happy half-term

Well done to Topaz Class for working very hard this half-term. I hope you enjoy your well deserved break.

Before you go, here’s some highlights of what we were working on over the past 2 weeks.

Getting Hands-on in Maths

We had a lot of interactive maths lessons learning about bar charts and shapes. Children built their own charts based on a class vote about favourite ice cream flavour (vanilla won!).

Internet Safety Workshops

Internet safety was a big theme as BigFoot hosted an entertaining and informative series of assemblies and workshops at the school. Topaz Class learnt how to use the internet Safely, Respectfully and Responsibly.

Reading Stories to Year 1

Finally, on Friday, Topaz Class read their own stories to Emerald Class in year 1. Children had been working hard on “The Great Race” stories all week and it was lovely to hear them share their stories with each other.

Mr Cambridge Returns

After half-term, Mr. Cambridge will be back with the class as normal. I have really enjoyed teaching Topaz Class for the past 2 weeks and will be sure to say hello from Magma Class in Year 5 when I can.

Have a good half-term,

Mr Rushton

Amber Class Weeks 5 and 6 Updates

Happy half term! Amber class has put in so much hard work this half term. Very well done!

In Maths, we explored data and shapes. Check out the bar charts we made of our class house data and the 3D shapes we deconstructed! We found out that most packaging are made of squares and rectangles. 

In English, we continued our Chinese New Year stories and worked really hard to get them published for Jade class (our old class in year 1). To prepare, we wrote a draft, edited and also did a shared write as a class. Jade class really enjoyed listening to us share our stories!

In Science, we manipulated different materials to see how squishy, twisty, bendy and stretchy they were. 

In RE, we made our own class Torah – we wrote a post it each stating what we thought was the most important positive principle to live by. 

We also had a very important Internet safety workshop, something that we will be looking into more in the next half term.

Very well done Amber class and see you in a week! 🙂