Fashion Designer in The Making!

In Zircon class the children are discovering what are the stages the fashion designers go through before creating their own collections.

The children are taking their inspiration from magazine, newspapers and catalogues to develop their idea that will help them in few weeks to make their own T-shirts.

Children are all concentrate in the activity and it is wonderful to see boys and girls working together creatively.

Today, they are creating their Mood Board. Take a look!


Zircon Cultural Day!

Today, children have celebrated their heritage by coming to school in clothes that identified them culturally, socially and emotionally.

In addition to this, children shared food from their culture with their peers. Children had the opportunity to understand different cultures, appreciate and taste food that normally would not eat, but mainly to respect who has different set of values.

The day was successful!!! Take a look and let us know what you think!