Proud to be in Zircon

Children took part to the “Proud to be Me” parade in our school, showing their fantastic work and standing up proudly to the world!

Parents joined us at the end of the day to complete wonderful posters about identity, respect, diversity and equality.

A day to remember in our class and for our wonderful school!!!


Animals Surrounded Zircon Class!!!

Children went to Hobbledown Farm to observe and learn new information about animals around the world.

They compared features and behaviour of different animals, but the children really enjoyed the workshop on rainforests animals. They had the opportunity to touch them, to hold them and experience creatures they would normally see only in documentaries.

We must not forget the fun they had on the bouncing pillows and the slides.

Zircon and Bridget Riley

Children have started their piece of art inspiring themselves to a local artist like Bridget Riley. They have interpret her philosophy in their own way and this is only the beginning. Wait until Wednesday and you will see what powerful work these little ones can do!

Zircon, the New Label in Town!p

Children have started creating their T-shirts by measuring, tracing and cutting the colourful fabric. They were so concentrate that they did not realise that they were using their maths skills alongside their creative ideas.

Take a look at their work, but their final product will be out next week!

Fashion Designer in The Making!

In Zircon class the children are discovering what are the stages the fashion designers go through before creating their own collections.

The children are taking their inspiration from magazine, newspapers and catalogues to develop their idea that will help them in few weeks to make their own T-shirts.

Children are all concentrate in the activity and it is wonderful to see boys and girls working together creatively.

Today, they are creating their Mood Board. Take a look!