Sneaky Thief Caught Red-Handed!

This afternoon Citrine class caught the sneaky, cunning Marble Jar Thief red-handed!

Storming into Citrine class, Mr. Perrin slammed down the marble jar and walked away. When questioned he stated that he hated marbles!

Citrine Class are very happy to have their treat jar back and look forward to their next treat!



Can you help us? The children of Citrine class have created wanted posters to help us to catch our thief.

The culprit is tall, with a beard and wearing a red hood. A reward has been offered for any information that can help us to catch the robber.

Can you help?



Today we entered our classroom to find that the dastardly marble thief had entered and left a mess! We found tissue thrown across the classroom, some of our marbles left for us to find and a cheeky message on our whiteboard!

We can’t have our marble jar treat without our marbles! Can you help us find the tricky thief?