Maths Games

In January, we will return to working with numbers.

Number bonds are two numbers that add together to make another number.  For example, number bonds to 5 would include:

0 + 5

1 + 4

2 + 3

We can also write these bonds as…

3 + 2

4 + 1 and

5 + 0

Number bonds are incredibly useful in lots of aspects of maths, but particularly in mental maths.  If we know that 1 + 4 = 5, we can work out that 5 – 4 = 1 and 5 – 1 =4.  We can also use the information to work out that 10 + 40 = 50, or 100 + 400 = 500.

If you want to challenge yourself, see if you can learn all of the number bonds to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 over the holidays.  I’ll post a number bond challenge at the start of January!

A Little Early!

By now you should be practised at number bonds to 10.  I wonder if you found any patterns between the number and how many bonds there are?Here are some number bonds to 10…


Can you find all of the number bonds to 19?  How many are there, and what are there?

Will you be the first to blog the answer?

Good Luck!

Sunday, 3rd January

Well done Gerry for being the first to blog the answer.  Gerry noticed that there were 10 number bonds to the number 9 and 20 number bonds to the number 19.  What do you notice about the relationship between the number you are making bonds to, and the number of bonds you can find?  Are you able to explain this rule?

Who will be the first to tell me, without writing down all of the bonds, how many number bonds there will be to 73?

If you are enjoying playing with number bonds, and think you know your number bonds to 10, try this game.  I am on 530 so far, but am trying hard to beat my score!

Number bonds to 10

20, here is a game you might like to play.  It’s really tricky, but keep practising, it is great fun!

Number Bonds to 20 game

My best score so far is 640, I tried really hard to get that score, but I think I will get even better with practice.

What is your best score?

Saturday, 9th January

Not number bonds, but this is a great game to get speedy at subtraction!  Give it a go, and let me know how you got on…

subtraction game

Have fun!

Mrs Millican


Wednesday 20th January 2016

Hi all!

I thought you might like a few more games to practise all of the great maths you have been doing in class. I know that Amber Class have been enjoying them!

First here is a game to practise your place value.  Can you work out what number the tens and units show? If not, you may get wet!

Shark Numbers

Next up, it’s time to save some lives.  Guide the boat to rescue the stranded swimmer by using the tens and units pedals. Make it more challenging by turning off the radar!


Now, moving away from the water, and back in time, use the number bonds you’ve been practising to attack the castle.  Pull down the cannonball far enough so the catapult hurls into the castle.  Pull it too far or not far enough and you will miss…

Count-on Catapult

That should keep you busy for a little while!

Let us know how you get on.

Miss Heathfield

Friday, 22nd January

Hello Miss Heathfield,

These are fantastic, I especially liked playing the lifeguards game.  I wonder which one is the children’s favourite.

Thanks for posting them, they will keep me busy over the weekend!

Mrs Millican

Saturday, 6th February

We are having another look at multiplication in Year 2.  Why not have a go at this game?  There is a square to the right hand side of the number sentence that will help you to work out the answers by showing you the array.

fishy multiplications

Fishy Multiplications uses arrays to help solve multiplication problems, but if you want to practise repeat addition at the same time as your times tables, then you might want to help Molly load up her camel!

Help Molly load up her camel!

There are three different levels to this challenge, Medium, Hard or Very Hard!  Medium focuses on the 2 and 10 times tables, Hard on 3, 4 and 5 times tables.  Will you be able to help Molly?

Friday, 19th February

Keep on top of your arithmetic practice by having a go at this fabulous division game from the BBC website:

division mine

It’s great fun, and will hone those division skills!

Sunday, 28th February

How did you get on with the division game?  I’d love to hear.

Now, why not have a go at this fraction challenge?

Test your fraction knowledge

Feeling confident now?  Why not design your own fraction flag…

Design your fraction flag

Monday, 29th February

I don’t normally add more than one set of additional games to the Maths Games page, but today we played this in class and had such a lot of fun that I though you might like to enjoy it at home…

Hit the Button


Thursday, 3rd March

By special request, following today’s maths lesson, I am attaching an interactive 100 ‘splat’ square.  You really enjoyed using this to count on and back from different numbers in different sized jumps, and I know you wanted to practise at home.  Remember, that the game, helping Molly to load up her camel, and practising times tables at the same time is already on the site (see Saturday, 6th February).  Have fun, everyone.

Splat Square