Bar Charts

Citrine Class were continuing to investigate how to collect and represent data. Today they were constructing bar charts.


The Great Fire artefacts

Today Citrine class were making coins from The Great Fire of London and fire signs which would have been displayed outside houses.

Amber Class Weeks 3 and 4 Updates 

Happy Chinese New Year! 

Amber class has been looking at the story of the Chinese New Year race and we are incredibly excited to be sharing our stories with year 1 next week. Us authors have learned the importance of drafting and editing our work before we publish it. 

We’ve continued looking into the Grate Fire of London and we made some fantastic Tudor houses in art last week. take a look:

In Maths, we’ve started learning about data and how we can represent it. 

In Science, we’ve investigated the properties of materials and did an experiment last week looking at how well different materials float and sink. 

Safer Internet Day

Last week Year 2 were learning how to stay safe online in a special assembly.

The children learnt that when on the internet they should stay SAFE, avoid MALICIOUS CONTENT, be AWARE, follow the RULES, TELL an adult or ask permission and YOU should be careful.